About Jess

Jessica Weymouth is a 25 year old Long Beach, California based Watercolor artist currently focusing much of her work within the celestial spaces, lunar cycles, and natural elements of our world. Weymouth's work can be described as Otherworldly Surrealism, oftentimes incorporating healing elements as well as conservation peek-a-boo's inspired by her studies in Environmental Science and Ecology. More than just an artist, Jessica simply wants to be a female who empowers -through example- other women to chase their calling, and pursue their passions. She has a keen heart for nature, the cosmos, the wonderfully vast sea and all the beautiful creatures that spin with this orbital planet- and she loves putting these elements into new light and allowing them to be seen from her perspective. Her hope is to bring awareness to the beauty and protection of our natural resources, as well as simply bring joy and inspiration.

Weymouth developed a particular interest in solar systems and galaxies as she found herself being hummed to sleep by the sound of our Mother Ocean and the movement of Her tides. Weymouth quickly became fascinated with the relation of Our moon to our vast bodies of Water, and how the waning phases affect humanity — not only physically but also emotionally - as well as the chemistry behind our human nature and Mother Nature, how we influence one another in this orbit called life. 

Weymouth hopes to bring forth unique perspectives on natural beauty and to inspire a subtle shift of nurture towards our Mother. Her pieces continue to serve as encouragement to both nature and humanity not only through her artistic endeavors, but also through her collected experiences. The crystals in her pieces symbolize the light and beauty she hopes to bring through her work,