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Join us once a month for our Watercolor + Wine Wednesdays! 

This evening is set aside to take us out of our every day routine and inspire a little bit of relaxation and free-flowing creativity with friends, fellow creatives, and folks from our community. This event will be held at Make Collectives in Downtown Long Beach off of 1st and Elm. You do not need to bring anything with you, but if you have any favorite materials or pieces of inspiration, you are more than welcome to bring them! Wine will be included as well as all supplies you will need throughout the night. Each creator will leave with their own finished work and a sense of creative freedom!

Please note, this is not a watercolor workshop - this is an evening of creating and community to inspire you! If you are looking to sign up for a workshop, please check my calendar and find an event titled "Watercolor Workshop" where you will gain a greater in depth knowledge about the art of watercolor!

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